06 November 2018 | Carolina Rivera and Monica Jahangir

Carolina Rivera is a Research Analyst at the Human Development Report Office at UNDP and Monica Jahangir is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at the International Movement ATD Fourth World.

24 July 2018 | Shakeel Ahmad, Assistant Country Director and Chief of the Development Policy Unit, UNDP Pakistan

Any study of human development is incomplete without considering demographic transition; a phenomenon likely to have a profound impact on Pakistan’s future, given its young population.

03 July 2018 | Dr. Merve Hosgelen

Dr. Merve Hosgelen is the National Human Development Report Project Manager at UNDP Timor-Leste

19 June 2018 | Christelle Cazabat, Researcher at the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

Twenty years ago, governments around the world recognized the severity of internal displacement and the need to help everyone forced to leave their home – but not their nation – because of conflict, violence, disasters, climate change or any other reason.

05 June 2018 | Amarakoon Bandara, Senior Economic Advisor, UNDP Zimbabwe

There is unequivocal scientific evidence that our planet is warming, primarily as the result of human activity since the mid-20th century. The planet’s average surface temperature has risen by about 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius) mainly in the past 35 years.

31 May 2018 | Iñaki Permanyer and Jeroen Smits

Iñaki Permanyer is a Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow at the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics, and Jeroen Smits is head of the Global Data Lab at Radboud University

30 May 2018 | Frances Stewart and Emma Samman

Frances Stewart is Professor Emeritus of Development Economics at the University of Oxford and Emma Samman is a Research Associate at the Overseas Development Institute

02 May 2018 | Shivani Nayyar, Research Specialist at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

On February 6th, a Forbes list identified the 10 richest “Bitcoin billionaires”. By the time the list went online, most on the list were not billionaires anymore.

07 March 2018 | Astra Bonini and Yu Chieh Hsu, Policy Specialist and Statistics Analyst at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

Our choices and opportunities, from childhood to older-age, accumulate over the life course. Breaking patterns of inequality requires us to consider the full cycle of life and identify critical intervention periods and cumulative deprivations.

27 February 2018 | Sabina Alkire and Selim Jahan

Sabina Alkire is the Director of OPHI and Selim Jahan is the Director of HDRO, UNDP

Poverty is multidimensional and goes beyond income deprivations.